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Can black diamond glass be used upside down?

My stock black diamond glass plate has a significant positive warpage in the center of the plate. When I level the corners well, the mid point of the bed is too tight. I have a couple borosilicate plates ordered, but in the meantime is there harm in flipping the black diamond glass over to try and get some printing done successfully? 


  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Its quite common for the center of the build plate to be bowed due to the bed heater flexing the aluminium plate the glass is bonded to on the original JGAurora A5 and version one A3s - I overcame the same with my A3s by installing community firmware with mesh bed levelling

    The second generation A5s having a clipped-on plate should be better, however people are still having problems - JGAurora recommend padding the underside of the glass plate in strategic areas with masking tape - not sure if you'll have to do the same with a borosilicate plate

    If you flip the plate, you will have issues with the center being dished, so I can't see you being any better off as the center will not be suitable for printing - and anyway, the glass plate will quickly bow in the center again (its being pulled down in 4 corners)

    I recommend mesh bed levelling no matter what plate you use

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