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New Printer Cant level bed

Hello, I am super new to this so please be kind. I got my mew A5S, assembled it according to the directions and video on you tube. Once assembly was completed and the unit plugged it, i proceeded to the bed level process but i pressed the upper left point on the screen for my first point to level. Then nozzle proceeds to the left then makes loud noises. It appears that it it not getting the signal to stop or it doesn't appear to know that it is at the farthermost point and cant go any . It seems as if it still wants to continue moving left. I quickly turn it off and have done nothing since cause i do not want to force or break the printer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
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    Manually position the nozzle to the center of the bed slowly by hand using extruder and bed, then turn the printer on and press the home button to see if it can home on the front left corner of the bed

    Could be limit switch wiring is not plugged into the controller board inside the case, or disconnected limit switch wiring outside of the case, or faulty limit switch, or incorrectly positioned limit switch

    There are threads in this forum on limit switch faults:

    Pronterface can be used to report status of limit switches - details in one of the threads

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  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
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    With printer turned off, can you hear the left hand extruder limit switch clicking on/off when you move extruder all the way to the left, then back off slowly by hand - it is manually triggered by hitting a solid object - limit switch may not be positioned correctly

    If it does click when nozzle is in correct bed position, I'd suspect the lead from the switch is not plugged into the controller board inside the case
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,985Administrator
    Welcome @Stage1455 !

    Double check that you've plugged in all the connectors on the side real firmly, and give them a little tug to verify.
    Let us know if you need more clarification - I know it can be daunting as a beginner! Good luck.

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