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Bridging Overrides In S3D

PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
APPLY BRIDGING SETTINGS TO PERIMETERS an override to apply bridging to perimeters.

Im having an issue with my bridging overrides in S3D, seemingly, not overriding. I have a video and pictures of my settings. In preview you can see that S3D recognizes the overrides (both outer perimeters and inner perimeters).

I apologize for the blurriness. this is a screen shot of the video I took but the file was too big/unsupported. So in the print pic, you can see that both perimeters printed at regular print/extrusion speeds and NOT the bridging speeds and settings as the override in S3D advertises. the middle bridges actually quite nicely. I've tried different .stl files and tweaking all settings I know of and approaching it in as many different angles I could think of.

Main question: WTF!!!!!! **banging head again hard wall**

I do know that S3D has had problems with that setting before the 4.1 update.

Please, any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
    Just a follow up... has anyone come across this problem before?

    Ive been avoiding it because I just can't figure it out. Now I'm tackling it again. all different settings and all new/same headaches.

    Please someone help.
  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
    Played with a range of slower extrusion multipliers with faster speeds and vice versa. I still can’t begin to understand S3Ds logic behind their “overrides”. As well as colder nozzle temps, HOTTER, lower main extrusion multiplier... controlled tests with varying single variable tweaks... hours setting up multiple profiles and making sure everything is the same except that ONE variable is, well varied.

    does anyone have an opinion
  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    what are you trying to accomplish on this btw? if you're trying to test how fast does the fan cools the filament and if it can do the bridging test... the stock part cooling sucks...idk anything about that slicer i just know that the stock part cooling sucks
  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
    My bridging sucks lol or I think it does. I’m getting my overhangs dialed in though. So last July I went on a testing spree with a bunch of diff settings and they mostly all turned out like the first picture. I gave up and avoided bridging like the plague. Then tried again beginning of this monthly... another volley of testing... speeds, feeds, temps... still nothing.

    The more I use S3D less user friendly it feels. Some settings I can great prints, others not so intuitive.
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