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Screw dimensions?


I'm planning to upgrade all the metric hex screws with black oxide ones rather than the stainless steel ones. The ones that come with the unit are pretty terrible, and I'm more afraid of stripping the bolts. I've already managed to strip one, but luckily I have a pair of Vampliers that helped save the day, but also wasted more time than necessary.

Can anyone provide a list of all the screw dimensions that the A5 uses? Including quantity. I've checked the spare parts page but it only has one dimension for the lead screws.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    Unfortunately that is not really something anyone else has tried yet, and JGAurora does not provide any list either...

    They are all metric, if you wanted to record as you measure them, it would be great it see that list! I don't recommend the change however, even black oxide ones can rust and look terrible then. Stainless steel is softer, but maybe you can just replace and loctite as needed?
  • nach00nach00 Posts: 24Member
    So, I decided to forget about changing all the screws on my A5 because not only would it take forever to measure out the all the screw dimensions (though I could have just bought a variety pack and changed them individually),  after reading your comment, I didn't really see a point to the upgrade. At least, not anymore.

    I will suggest that every JG AURUORA owner purchase a metric hex bit set with a small hand driver similar to these:

    Using these tools made working on the machine SO MUCH easier and less stressful. I didnt worry about stripping any of the bolts, nor did I develop a mild form of arthritis using the toothpick like tools that come with the machine.

    Anyway. hope this helps.
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