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ZelZel Posts: 24Member
Haven't posted in a while.
Quick update with my jgmaker magic
-custom direct drive extruder with dual 5050 blower fans
-bondtech bmg
-all metal hot end
-optical endstops
-glass bed
-ceramic linear bearings
-BTT skt 1.4 turbo with silent stepper drivers
-raspi octoprint enabled
-LED status lights
-raspi camera
-custom enclosure with intake and exhaust

now planning to do linear rails...worth it or nah?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,950Administrator
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    Wow, would love to see a photo!!

    My vote is nah... if you have no significant print issues, don't fix it :smiley: I think good ceramic bearings would have been a good enough upgrade?
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  • f0rkstabf0rkstab Posts: 1Member
    I'm new to 3d printing but would love to know where you got the firmware that works with your BL touch? I have a 3.1BL but it seems to error out after  G29 and won't auto level. Trying to read up on it and It might be my firmware as I'm on a 2.0.5 build I found in the community. Either way I'm about ready to shelve the idea of it working until I can read into more of how to compile my own firmware. 
  • EuzzielEuzziel Posts: 8Member
    I tweaked my own firmware. Are you using 32bit board?
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  • Thomas WitmanThomas Witman Posts: 5Member
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    I'm with Samuel on this one.  The upgraded Magic works great (and I hate Bowden).  That looks like Frankenstein's monster. (meant in a joking way!!!)   All I needed was a better extruder, which I'm still searching for.
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,950Administrator
    @Thomas Witman  that's a bit harsh 😂 looks good to me!
  • Thomas WitmanThomas Witman Posts: 5Member
    Yea, I guess it is harsh.  I meant it jokingly.  It's that Witman humor that no one seems to understand.  :smiley:  I actually shouldn't talk because my A5 doesn't look much better with a Titan and V6 hotend hanging on it with a blower.  
  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    No worries. lol. it is a frankenstein! working on a new design for dual 4020 blower... will still be a wide open design. I dont really like putting cover on it, makes cleaning and maintenance harder.

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