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Hot End Mods

Yea!  Way to go, Samuel!!
Looks like a lot of activity on FaceCrap about modifications/replacements of the hot end!  I myself can't see spending $200+ on new extruder/hotend combo's.  I like to keep it simple.  I'm hoping JGMAKER realizes the more printers they put out there with poorly designed hot ends, the quicker they will find someone who can design a REAL one!  Now they are "sealing" the nozzle end to the tube with teflon, which will not work.  I see a video came out on YT a couple of days ago of a reviewer who actually had plastic coming out the TOP of the quick release hot end around the tubing!  That means the entire hot end got filled up!  Of course it would because plastic leaks right back past the tubing.  No metal to metal seal.  The guy who designed it never saw a printer, apparently.

I like the idea of cutting off the tapered end, taping it all the way for M6 thread and using a stock nozzle to bottom out against the steel tube after you cut it to the right length.  Maybe JGMAKER will come through and I'll try theirs but, for now, this seems like a decent path.  

The other way is to thread on a hot end block after cutting of some of the steel tube.  It's an option.  It looks like there are going to be a LOT of hybrid Artist D's.

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