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Welcome! Roll Call :-)

Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,950Administrator
Do you have an Artist-D? When did you receive it? Did it work out of the box after assembly? Post a photo below :smiley:
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  • naPSnaPS Posts: 3Member
    I received mine about a week ago, assembled it last night.  Been happy so far, with a few quirks.
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  • Frank833Frank833 Posts: 1Member
    Received mine about a week ok.  Assembled OK.  Leveled the bed.  Prints OK, but 2nd extruder takes a while to start flowing when its needed.  So, adhesion is poor between E1 and E2 switch.  I am used to using PrusaSlicer so I am working on a config that forces some extrusion in the box during the tool change.

    One real problem, the printer does not work via USB.  With a CH340 driver it will connect to windows 10, but will not pass any data.  Same issue when I try OctoPrint on a Pi.  Before I tried OctoPrint, I contacted support and asked what Windows driver to use, response was:

    "the artist D uses the mks robin pro control board. so thats the same drivers. personally I do not print over usb there are way too many known print quality issues. windows reboots or freezes will stop prints. "

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  • ply2ply2 Posts: 2Member
    Got mine on Monday, it is fabulous! Still struggling with getting both heads to same Z for duplication mode though. I found the setscrew for the right extruder moments ago 😅 may that will help. One thing that was driving me mad at first is, that the printer - for whatever reason - can only print from the root directory of the SD card. If I try to print from a subdirectory the print job starts, the clock is running on the screen and nothing more happens.
    I already made good settings for prusaslicer and  a postprocessing script to cool down and heat back up on time the idle print head. I also constructed a replacement for the too-stiff filament detectors, which is now waiting for some ball bearings, excited to publish all the essential mods soon 🤗
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