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How to replace extruder nozzle?

I need to take the nozzle off of the extruder to see if there are any clogs in there. I have a replacement if necessary (came with the printer so it won't change much). I took out the screw in the unit holding the nozzle, but I can't get the nozzle itself to budge. Is there some secret to this?


  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    there's a set screw on that heatsink
  • GamecreatureGamecreature Posts: 5Member
    I removed the screw. Still won't budge.
  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    so you just want the nozzle (brass) off right?
    you can heat the heatblock to make it somewhat expand a little. Or heat it till any filament stuck between the threads burns off. while heating, carefully unscrew the heatblock (DO NOT FORCE IT). 
    -do not heat it too much or metal will degrade and becomes brittle.
    -do not force the nozzle, it should unscrew easily.
  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member
    also Youtube has an official video posted by the manufacturer on how to replace the extruder nozzle.
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