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Magic main board swap

PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 46Member
how difficult or easy is it to swap the magic board with a 32bit board with an extra extruder plug in and stepper modable?


  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    Should be easy with a lot of troubleshooting.
    ~Depending on which board are you going for, there might be some modding with both hardware and software for the screen not unless you buy one with a screen.
    ~the drivers, u just have to choose which mode are you going for... UART or (i forgot whats the other one called, standalone?) may need some pin bending
    ~depending on how many fans do you want to control, you might need to reconfigure the software to accommodate extra fans (might also need to swap -+ pins for fan connector)
    ~be sure to get 24V board and everything 24V
    ~custom board mounts
    ~custom board cooling
    ~need to alter printer base for the board inputs 
    ~lots of wiring required, prepare for cable management

    ~there are premade software out there but its better to start blank marlin FW. configure and activate the things you need
    ~input you printer data (size, bed, which heater you going for, type of sensor, etc)
    ~bed levelling, depends... if you have ABL, go for it.
    ~PID Tuning 
    ~stepper motor driver calibration (steps/mm)\
    ~other stuffs that are extra but fun to try
          +sensorless homing
          +fan incremental ramping (i forgot what the actual line was)
          +LED status
          +custom beeps

    it may look a lot but you'd forget the scope while tinkering with it. there are lots of tutorials online just need to remember that all  printers with the same mode of printing are the same lol
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