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Hey guys.. I had an issue last night at 99% print after 8 hrs of printing.. PLEASE HELP!

I was doing a sign, it was PERFECT. I thought it was nearly complete so I went to check on it and the glass/diamond (What came stock) literally had moved or jogged from the print at 99%. I was afraid it would fall and I had to stop it. The glass easily lifted off after cool down, but their were gagged lines and the print DID NOT line up at the end. I am heart broke, as I was making a sign for a family member.

This may sound COMPLETELY uneducated.. I have been cleaning the top of the glass and using blue painters tape but I have NEVER removed it.
Is there an adhesive or was this ALWAYS removable?


  • jenerationzjenerationz Posts: 4Member
    SORRY - Jagged lines.. Not gagged - that's what I wanted to do.. LOL
  • pdb6251pdb6251 Posts: 5Member
    Your description is a little unclear. Can you upload a photo so we can understand better?
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    the glass bed is held to the heat bed with clips on most A5/A5S. it needs to be removable so it can be replaced easily once it is damaged.
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