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Nozzle 0.8mm settings? [Edit: Finally I used the 0.6mm nozzle]

printcrafterprintcrafter Posts: 5Member
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Hi guys, I wanted to ask you if someone has put a 0.8mm Noozle on the JGMaker Magic? In my case I have replaced it to have larger prints faster but several problems appear:
  • The layers have small curves, or adhesion problems between them.
  • The extruder motor has started to sound "Tac Tac Tac" randomly.
See my photo:

I have changed things like the flow to 90%, the temperature to 215 or 220 ºC for PLA. I have lowered the speed to 40mms, and I get moderately good results, but they are not perfect because of those two problems that I mention.

Can someone share their printing profile on Cura? or at least the most necessary parameters?

Thanks greetings.
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  • printcrafterprintcrafter Posts: 5Member
    Finally I put the 0.6mm nozzle. I think that for this hotend it is impossible to print correctly with a 0.8mm one.

    In case anyone is interested, I put the settings that I have used in Cura to print this XYZ cube test with very good results. And without clicking on the feeder.

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