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Semi auto leveling feature in new Magic

y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member
Saw the Jgaurora ad that the Magic now has semi auto leveling feature.  How can  I upgrade my 1 year old Magic to have this feature?  I found leveling is a time consuming process as the bed is not perfectly flat.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    edited April 2021
    There is still nothing auto about the JGMaker Magic levelling process. It is still entirely manual, may be the ad is embellishment...
    Are you using the custom firmware from DaHai? If you setup mesh bed levelling, and save that to the eeprom, it should stay reasonably consistent over time.
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  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member
    no, I am using the original firmware.  Is it easy to upgrade to use the custom firmware by DaHai?  
  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member
    i downloaded Dahai’s custom firmware.  Can I follow the Jgaurora firmware upgrade video to upload the firmware to Magic or have to use Dahai’s instruction for upgrading A5 firmware?  Also I am not familiar with mesh leveling.  Once the firmware is upgraded, how do you use this feature?  Thanks for your help.
  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 46Member
    I used Dahai’s instructions for upgrading the A5 firmware.
    After you upgrade it go into you prepare menu and chose bed leveling.
    It will kick of the bed leveling sequence auto magically.
    After all 16 points are done, (stay in the bed leveling menu) go down to store settings.
    bingo bango
  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 46Member
    before you use the mesh leveler...
    Tighten all of your bed screws (lower your bed as far down as possible)
    Set your z-stop to about 5mm off the bed (clearance to allow next step)
    Take 30 seconds to level the 4 corners to your shim. I usually do a quick 2 or 3 passes.

    Your bed should be *close*!!

    NOW go into the prepare menu and level the bed.

    please if anyone else does it differently I’d like to know as well
  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    -heat up the bed to print temp before leveling

  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 46Member
    Yep that’s right lol hanks zel
  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member

    Finally I have free time to attempt to do the Dahai custom firmware.
    1. I downloaded the firmware and compiled that in the Arduino IDE 1.8.13. The compile went without error but getting this warning:
    Low memory available, stability problems may occur.
    Is this message not applicable to the Magic 3D printer since I am not downloading it to an Arduino Mega board?
    2. Also in an earlier mesage, it is menetioned that "Set your z-stop to about 5mm off the bed (clearance to allow next step)". Do I set the nozzle about 5mm above the bed after homing?
    3. Can I use this firmware without the mesh leveling as I have not installed the BL touch sensor? Is there a video or instruction that shows how to install the sensor to the hot end?

  • EuzzielEuzziel Posts: 15Member

    Low memory available. You need to deactivate some non essential functions as this may affect processing the commands.

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