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Hi, my screen sensor is broken. Can you tell me if I can replace this screen with another motherboard not me? For example, install 2004 lcd or similar.


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    Welcome @rattlhead -- the motherboard and LCD are proprietary, but the bare 320x240 LCD and touch panel should be a fairly generic part that you might be able to find on aliexpress with a bit of digging. There might be a part number printed on the LCD backside.
    You could try contact JGMaker and ask them as well.
    Otherwise you would probably need to do a fair bit of work to replace both the motherboard and LCD as a combo. Another option would be to add a raspberry PI and attached screen to connect and control the printer over a USB cable instead.
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    Sorry, I'm using google translator. I cannot start printing even from a computer. At the beginning of printing, the printer unloads and loads plastic and requires confirmation of the action, but my screen is broken and I cannot confirm this. Tell me how to remove this function from the firmware.
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    @rattlhead If you are using my community firmware, you should be able to add the following line at the start of your gcode, to tell the marlin firmware to ignore the filament run out sensor:
    M412 S0
    (can also add a line with M500 if you want to save this change to eeprom)
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    If that doesn't work, then please upload a photo of the message you see.
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