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Not going through the Auto Home feature at start up.

WissaroDrakoWissaroDrako Posts: 1Member
Just bought a JGMaker Magic through manufacturer's website. I put it together and turned it on. Now it will not go through the 2nd step of going to Auto Home. an error message comes up each time telling me to rest.   Screen locks up and nothing else is available for any options when this message occurs.  I been looking to see if there are instructions for resetting the auto Home position and can not find any.   Must also point out that I am totally new to this hobby.

Did I maybe do something wrong while assembling the machine according to the manual?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
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    Sounds like a faulty endstop or faulty stepper driver is causing the homing routine to fault. Check all the cables are fully inserted to start with. You can test all the endstops by sending the manual gcode command M119, using software on your computer like pronterface.

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