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Please help with bed levelling

Hello. I am new to 3D printing, and have been printing for maybe two months. I have a maker Magic, and a creality resin printer. Anyway I have stopped using my magic currently because I cannot get this bed to level properly. Where do I start the bed will not raise up on the front right corner enough for the nozzle to touch it. No matter how much I adjust the Z stop switch, replace the Springs under the plate, or take the screws out. Will somebody please please tell me what I need to do. Thanks a lot


  • EyeEye Posts: 115Member, ūüĆü Super Member ūüĆü
    Can it be  that you put the  Hotend Togehter  verry thght and  Scrwed it verry  high?

    I do not have the  magic  Just an A5 but there It can Happen that you  Screw in the That  High that you dont get contact anymore

  • jonathangrecojonathangreco Posts: 3Member
    What do you mean did I put the hot in together too tight? I'm not sure I understand what you're asking
  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    is it just the front right corner?
  • EyeEye Posts: 115Member, ūüĆü Super Member ūüĆü
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     i try to explain; 
    As said i  have an a5 no magic maker, can be different

    if you screw in the nossel Thigh  into the hotendblock, and the  whole hotend via the throat verry thight in   so you have no  Space  you   the printing point  quite high,..

    you can get all of it a bit deeper by ; screwing in the nozel fully in, then  LOOSENING IT  a full rotation, 
    Then putting in the  throat Thight to  the Nozel,

    Then screw in the throat But  not  to the max just at least one revolution less , then push in the  pipe   through the boded Thingi  that it allsits  nicely snug bit not to thight

    so you have the point of the nozel  at least  2 screw revolutions lower (-z)  lowering   thePoint your print starts  a bit deeper and you might get into the range of your z endsotop again

      Hope that made More sense?

    oh also if oyu swer the hotend To deep iin,  the metal conects with the  moving block, and    you get troubles with heatup
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