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Holes in first layer

Infuze92Infuze92 Posts: 3Member
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I've tried to level, and re-level numerous times. I've tried to set up mesh leveling and no matter what I do I always seem to get these tears in the first layer whenever its filling in the solid part. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I never had this problem until recently.

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  • EuzzielEuzziel Posts: 9Member

    Check for:
    -extruder gear set screw
    -clean your extruder
    -check for any filament leaking
    -maybe print slowly, looks like the extruder cant catch up with the movement making it skip
    -tighten your extruder arm

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  • Infuze92Infuze92 Posts: 3Member

    Thank you! I think I fixed it. I just got fed up with it and replaced all the springs, the extruder for an all metal one, and the ptfe tube just in case. With the new extruder it seems to be working much better.

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