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JGMaker Magic - Issues with pulleys and belt


it seems like JGMaker revised the pulleys at some point and used plastic ones instead of metal.
I don't know if that is related to it however both belts have significant wear, there are small black rubber pieces all over the place - As seen in the pictures.
I got the printer last week and printed in total for about 40 hours - Don't know how long the belts will last.
As the pulleys seem to be quite cheap, I thought of replacing them with aluminium ones but finding the right height doesn't seem to be easy.


  • EuzzielEuzziel Posts: 15Member

    Y-axis pulley: if the frame is bent due to over tension, it might affect life of your Y-belt. If you overtension the belt, it would pull the frame in along with the motor causing slight angle change which throws off the alignment. If it does then the "teeth" would not seat properly causing damage to the belt.

    X axis: that happens if the left idle wheel isnt perfectly aligned to the rail. If it isnt, what you can do is add in shims or buy a tensioner or print one. You can also design an elevated idler so it wouldnt touch the extruded aluminum which are sharp

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