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Hot end heatsink replacement

So, I understand the forum is closed, but maybe someone is still lingering and is going to offer some advice (thanks to everyone that kept it going through the years though).

I've made a mess of the hot end.
In an effort to remove a new heatbreak that was supposed to fix some extrusion / layers issues, I broke it inside the heatsink / mount of the hot end (see picture below).

Right now I'm looking for someone to print me some parts to mount a V6 hotend that I was planning to mount, but I couldn't print everything needed for (I'm thinking about this model).

Supposing I may not be able to find an affordable printing service / friend to do that, what alternatives do I have to get the printer back in order?
Are there other printers with the same X axis gantry configuration that would have a similar mount mechanism, that would allow me to mount the V6 that I have ?
Or are there spare parts?

Thanks for any suggestions, I'm pretty open at this point.


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