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No file found and USB stick burning after 1y sleep

My JG A5 are stopped for one year for other reason and today i clean and restart the printer but ..
No file found only.... :'(
I check usb pluged inside and in settings USB is selected.
Folder or no folder are same

I restart printer, format usb , retry and my usb stick are burn (no smoke but very very very hot , cant touch it for a while after i burning my fingers ..)

I retry with another usb and same problem very hot i remove before burn.

Both usb stick are working well on PC ..

I dont try on PC

How to check what is the problem ? Can i still find LCD or motherboard today ?

Thank guys


  • RogerRoger Posts: 4Member

    Ok , printer not detected on PC
    I think the CH340 is dead

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