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Welcome to the forum - and thank you for joining us! Hopefully this platform will allow us to share ideas and knowledge more easily.

All we ask is that you are polite to others, and we hope you enjoy this forum and have some fun.

Did you know?

  • You can upload photos directly to the forum by using the picture icon at the end of the editing toolbar.
  • You can embed videos into your post by simply pasting in a youtube or vimeo link.
  • The Discussions button in the main menu is just like the facebook newsfeed - all the recent posts and discussions can be easily found there.

Commonsense Guidelines

  • Not everyone here is an adult. Lets try to be considerate of others and keep things family friendly.
  • Please be respectful of others and don’t take comments personally.
  • This is a public forum. Please do not post private personal information.
  • Do not post sexually explicit, hateful or illegal content.
  • Please note, this forum is hosted from Australia, so content regarding firearms is not permitted due to local laws.
  • Software piracy will not be tolerated
  • SPAM will not be tolerated.
  • Not sure if your content is acceptable? Chat with a moderator via private message.
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