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Problem with TMC2208

Hello all,

Here is 2 weeks that I have a Jgaurora A5 and I'm getting my hands on it, it's really cool as a toy lol.

 Yesterday, I replaced my original X & Y drivers with TMC2208 + active fan and actually it is very quiet. I set the Vref for both drivers at 1.18V and I reversed the axes under firmware Marlin 1.1.8.

Functionally everything looks good but I can not help but notice that I lost in print quality compared to the original driver.  
 I made the test of the cube in 3D taking the same parameters as with the A4988 and the angles are no longer right, the letters X and Y have defects, the cube looks like a thousand sheets ....

 Note that in the meantime I also changed PLA, I took ArianePlast.   Here are pictures to show you ... I

In yellow the PLA supplied with the machine and printed with the A4988, it was my first impression after installation of the printer so not perfect but already very clean for Chinese lol. 
 In white the ArianePlast PLA printed with the TMC2208.  

 It is obvious that it was much cleaner and smoother before the change of DRV.   
 So before going back and putting back the A4988 do you think I have to play on parameters in the slicer or in the firmware to fix things?



  • RomainDRomainD Posts: 3Member
    I don't think the drivers are to blame for the issues you're having, but it's possible. Did you change anything else between the yellow and white cubes? Accelerations, jerks, print speeds?

    Blobbing in the corners is usually caused by low accelerations/jerks and a lack of linear advance/pressure control.

    I can also see some amount of warping in both prints, which means your nozzle is too far off the bed, and/or your bed is dirty.
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