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Replacing 4 pins with 6 pins heater bed

Hello everyone !

I have one of the first A3S, equipped with a 4 pins connector on the heater, and a square diamond bed 

I've recently very badly scratched the bed so I ordered a replacement, however they now ship with a 6 pins connector ; and they don't seem to ship the cable.

Could anyone show me a picture of that 6 pin cable (or it's pinout) so I can reproduce it ?


  • aestremsaestrems Posts: 33🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Hi, I'm not sure 100% but if you ask JGaurora they will send you the correct wires. The 4 pins connector has been replaced by 6 pins connector for safety reasons and better heat. Maybe is a good point to start asking them first
  • OsamaOsama Posts: 1Member
    Hello, That is strange. They shipped the cable with my order of a  replacement A5 bed. Are you sure that they didn't do the same for you? Did you ask them about it? Maybe they will be willing to send you the cable. 

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