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Hotbed connector...Be warned!!!

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Hello Aurorists.

Recently my printer began to stop printing in random times..Firstly i thought that USB stick is deffective, as I reformat it occassionally every 10-20 prints. 
Reformatting did not helped and also different stick not. So what I saw was really weird. When it stopped, I switched off AC power. turned it ON after 10 seconds and went to heat page. Nozzle was about 15-20 degrees lower than set, but hotbed was about 6-10 degrees lower..
That was weird, because it cannot cood down so fast.. By investigating I saw, that sometimes red LED under bed was not shining when I turned hotbed heater ON.. I started to shake connector and it started to spark. It was time for inspection...

See photos...Risk of fire is really high.. I had Anet A8 before..There I soldered silicone cables directly to bed during assembly..
Now my A5 has cables soldered directly to hotbed connector pins and heatshrinked..

Next time.......Y bearings replacement...


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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
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    Thanks for sharing your experience  @michalko99 .

    Unfortunately this is not an uncommon problem on the 85. JG aurora move to a new six bed cable and bed heater, to stop this happening.  it’s unfortunate that the four pin cable, using just one pin, is underrated for the amount of current that the bed heater needs.

    Soldering the cables directly like you have done is the best quick solution.

    Alternatively you can contact JGAurora to ask for a new six pin cable and six pin bed heater. If it’s still under warranty, those parts will be typically sent to you for free.
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