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Bed will not go home, loud noise y axis will not stop.

Printer won't stop in the y axis when sending home. won't print. 


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    Welcome @rafi1971

    it sounds like your y axis endstop is not working. Please download pronterface ( https://www.pronterface.com/ ) and connect to the printer. Then, in the command line input on the right side of the window, please send command M119. This will report back the status of the endstops. Then you can move the bed manually so that the y endstop is pressed, and you can send M119 again to see if the printer has detected the endstop is pressed. I suspect not, which could indicate a loose y-endstop cable, or a faulty y-endstop. 

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  • ImagineThatImagineThat Posts: 1Member
    I have the same issue, for me I think it's the motor itself as I replaced the switch, my bed moves but it doesn't move in a fixed direction from the touchscreen and when it goes to print it doesn't home the Y at all, I was at the point of installing a max and min limit switch then rewriting the firmware to recognize the two points to prevent it, but I'm going to change the motor first and hope for the best.
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