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Workaround to replace X-Axis Bearings

I'm an owner of an JGAurora A5S, and like to know, if there is any description or Video, which shows, how to replace the noisy bearings of the x-axis? Is there anyone, who can help me?


  • EarthboundEarthbound Posts: 57🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I'm about to tackle the same job. It looks like there is a lot of disassembly involved.

    Remove the whole upright X/Z frame from the base.
    Remove the front cover from the X axis.
    Drop the whole X/Y mechanical assembly out of the formed metal frame.
    Remove the front half of the X axis bearing holder. Set the hot end assembly aside.
    I'm guessing that once the bearing holder is open, removing the X axis belt will be simple.
    Then remove one side (Z axis screw/rod/motor and X carrier) from the X axis rods to allow removal/replacement of X axis bearings.
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    Welcome @Helpstone !
    Unfortunately there is no shortcut. It requires a few steps, as @Earthbound has kindly explained.
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  • EarthboundEarthbound Posts: 57🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I've decided against X axis linear bearing replacement. I removed the front cover of the X-axis, then removed the two screws holding the bearing carrier together. I slipped the belt off so the hot end could be set aside. Once the linear bearings were exposed and free of all other hardware I found them to be completely free moving and without any play.

    I reinstalled the belt and tried to achieve the same original tension. I was able to do so, but noticed the axis did not move smoothly. I reduced the belt tension slightly and the smoothness improved. I suspect the belt teeth may be sticking in the drive pulley. Will investigate as time allows. But the thing that became clear in this process is that, at least on my A5S, the X axis bearings seem fine and not in need of upgrade.
  • HelpstoneHelpstone Posts: 4Member
    Thank you for your comments. Because i'm new in 3d printing, i will decide the same, at the moment i will only improve my A5S with a few printed parts like a new Fan duct.

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