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Lead Screw Replacement Selection

GandyGandy Posts: 89🌟 Super Member 🌟
The lead screws on my A5 are bent, so I'm looking for replacements. I know the correct diameter and thread form (T8), pitch (2mm) and length (400mm) to choose, but I'm wondering if there is a optimal choice between a lead of 2mm, 4mm or 8mm (1, 2 or 4 starts, respectively). Obviously, since the factory lead screws have 4mm lead, if I choose different, the z-axis steps/mm need changing.
But apart from that, I'm wondering about the following questions:
  1. Are there any advantages/disadvantages in selecting 2mm or 8mm lead rather than the original 4mm?
  2. Would the printer benefit from anti-backlash spring nuts? Or is the weight of the z-gantry enough for backplash not playing a significant role? I'd assume it could affect print quality when retracting with z-hop, but to what extent?
  3. If the motor couplers are bent or stretched, what is the best geometry to select for a replacement part? There are types with helical cuts and others with vertical and horizontal cuts available.
Any input is highly appreciated,


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