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(JGAurora A5s) - Display died during Print?

Hi there Community!

I bought an JGAurora A5S in December, and today, in the midst of a Print, the Touchscreen failed to react to Commands/Touches.

During the Print, which was executed normally, I just pressed the Enter Button to enter Menu but it just didnt react anymore.

I had to turn it off via the Power Switch, but even after a Reboot the Touchscreen didnt react anymore.

Next thing I did, was to reinstall the (same) Firmware - With the same Result (2.0D German).

Then I went to JGAurora Homepage, and downloaded and installed their newest Firmware.

And still ... The Touchscreen just doesnt react to my Touches anymore.

Without the Screen, the whole Printer is useless basically.

Is this a known Issue?

Can you suggest anything?


  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
    With the printer turned off, I'd unplug and replug the ribbon cable that goes to the LCD display - both ends if they are plug and socket connections - could simply be a bad data connection between the touch screen and the controller board - people have found their ribbon cable to be loose or not even plugged in

    Pronterface and some slicers let you control the printer via USB cable until you can sort out the touch screen

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