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JSON Files For Cura

I have transferred to Linux OS as my PC is getting slower using Window$.
Where can I find the json files from JGCreat to Cura? >> https://jgaurorawiki.com/a5/printing-profiles

Copying settings from JGCreat to Cura

If you want to use Cura, but keep the JGCreat printing profiles, then follow the following steps to copy across the profiles:

  1. Make sure both JGCreat and latest version of Cura are installed, but that both are closed and not running.
  2. In File Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\JGcreat 2.5.0\resources\definitions
  3. Copy all the files in there. These files all end in “.json”.
  4. In File Explorer navigate to C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 3.1\resources\definitions
  5. Paste the copied files.
  6. Start Cura up and click settings –> printer –> add printer
  7. Choose your JGAurora printer from the menu (should look like image below - click to enlarge).
  8. Easy -

Thanks to Steve Wagg for this tip!


  • Laser8302Laser8302 Posts: 170Member, 🌟 Super Member 🌟
    The latest version of Cura (currently 4.5) has profiles for the JGAurora A5 built in. It should not be necessary to extract from JGCreat anymore.
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