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Replace missing extruder

Mom2673Mom2673 Posts: 6Member
Hi all;

I am new to this forum and fairly new to 3d printing. I first want to apologize if I am not posting in the correct area.  Please advise me on the correct location should this not be it.  I purchased a used Jgaurora a5 3d printer from an online vendor. I connected the printer and was very excited to start my first print.  Watched every video, read all I could to educate myself so I don't screw up the printer. I also watched a Youtube video on How to feed the filament correctly.  I started to follow along by doing each step... I put the filament on the spool holder, cut the end, pulled a little to put into the filament feeder and found, to my dismay, the filament extruder & sensor are missing! 

I contacted the vendor today, and am waiting for a reply but in the meantime, I thought I would be proactive and ask - what other printer model parts are (if any) interchangeable with this printer?  Meaning, I did an online search for the missing part and keep getting results for the MK8, Creality 10, or Bowden.  Being new to this printer, and 3d printing in general,  I am not sure where I can find the Jgaurora a5 Filament Extruder with Sensor or what other printer pieces will work with this printer.  I have an older Sunhokey Prusa i3 printer with the feeder (no sensor but I don't care) but not sure if that will work.  As I said, I don't want to do anything without knowing its the right thing to do first - Measure twice & cut once is my motto!

Thank you for reading my post and I apologize for the length or redundancy.  Chalk it up to new forum user nerves, lol  I look forward to any and all help I can get regarding this missing piece.

Here is a picture of the filament feeder & sensor part I need.  Hope this helps.


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  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Apart from having to drill new mounting holes in the printer's metal frame, a different extruder motor and feeding gear will likely feed the filament at a different speed to the original - you would then need to edit the firmware (software) to get the correct feeding speed, maybe even need to adjust the amount of electric current the motor gets - but some people do this as there are better ones on the market than what comes with the printer

    I cannot find a listing for the complete extruder and gear feeding mechanism - JGAurora list motors, but don't state where they fit on the printer, and there are different types of stepper motors

    Samuel may know where you can get the parts, otherwise you will need to contact JGAurora
  • Mom2673Mom2673 Posts: 6Member
    Thank you for your response to my post.  I think this may be way over my knowledge and experience.  The seller site did say 30-day money-back guarantee so let's see if that is held true because I think I'm safer sending it back than attempting any electrical adjustments I am not familiar with doing. I am holding out hope that the vendor will locate the missing part or, at the very least, replace the printer with an actual working device, lol.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    @Mom2673 - firstly, a warm welcome to the forum!

    I think you should check the listing you purchased from. Some "customer returned" units are being sold cheaply as "used" with the promise of support to help them get going.... as long as you are willing to invest a little time, the vendor should supply you the parts you need. If you don't want to do these repairs you may be better to return the unit instead.

    I don't think the repairs required will be too difficult, dangerous or extensive, and if you do want to go ahead we can probably help you, as long as you are patient with our replies.

    If you can upload a few photos of your unit, it will be easier to see exactly which components are missing, and to help assess the current state of the printer. Some JGAurora parts are custom, or are customised enough to make them effectively proprietary.

    3D printer extruders are largely interchangeable in their function, though some types may require firmware tweaks to calibrate them for correct operation. The first question is if you are missing the bracket that the extruder mounts onto? Could you please show us a photo of the area on your printer too?

    Kind regards,

  • Mom2673Mom2673 Posts: 6Member
    Hello Sam;

    Thank you for taking the time to review my post. As you requested I have attached pictures of my JGAurora a5 printer.  I don't mind using another extruder.  I am just confused as to what parts are interchangeable with other printers.  I assumed the filament extruder was kind of generic but assumptions usually end badly for me, lol.  I'm just really confused on this particular part. If I do replace it with another extruder, where will the 4-pin connector go?

    I contacted the seller but since I only just emailed them later in the day on Friday, April 17th (same day I received the printer) I don't expect a response until possibly Tuesday, April 21st.  I didn't mind purchasing it because the site had decent reviews and the site states that even though the item purchased was used,   The website does state "The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear but is fully operational and functions as intended."  So, I am left to hoping they honor and back that statement.  As of now I have no reason to believe that not to be true.  In the meantime, I thought I would be proactive and see if this is something that I could resolve on my own.

    I thank you and Stephen Todd very much for your time and for assisting me with this issue.   Please don't hesitate to let me know if you require further information from me to (potentially) resolve this issue.


  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
    There are other missing parts - the bowden tube and quick release adaptor

    Looking at your first photo - you have a threaded hole - there should be a metal part screwed into that hole called a quick release adaptor - it holds a white ptfe plastic tube (bowden tube) that should be inside the black plastic wiring harness - you do not have the adaptor or the bowden tube

    Without the bowden tube, and adaptor that holds it, you cannot feed filament - the parts are essential

    A picture showing the end of the white bowden tube coming out of the black plastic harness, and the adaptor that holds the end of the bowden tube:

    More info:

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  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
    The feed end of the white ptfe bowden tube - you can see the filament goes through the feeder, and into the bowden tube when you press down on the release lever and push the filament through by hand

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  • Mom2673Mom2673 Posts: 6Member
    I have the Bowden and adapter that fits from another 3d printer. But those are useless without the extruder.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    I would be very surprised if the other printer bowden adapter fit the A5. The thread is uncommon - did you check it fits?
  • Mom2673Mom2673 Posts: 6Member
    Thanks for your help.  I'm just going to return the printer and purchase a new one in the meantime.
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  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Yes, returning the printer is the best option - no telling what else is wrong with the printer - I suspect other problems would show up - I was tempted to say "send it back" but held off

    The JGAurora A1 can be found at a lower price - seems the same as A5s to me, except the physical appearance - I'm considering buying one, even though I don't need it - the price is right
  • Mom2673Mom2673 Posts: 6Member
    Yes, I am going to send it back. Upon further inspection, I don't like the looks of the hot end extruder. And, as you said, I don't want to <potentially> resolve one issue just to find there are others.  All that will do is cause a lot of unnecessary anger and frustration.  I like to avoid that when possible.

    I am going to keep my eyes open for the a5 or probably the a5s.  I just really like this printer.  I've done a lot of comparison shopping, educating myself on various models and, while the print size is larger than anything I may print, I like having the option available.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help and for the very quick responses and your continued assistance and advice.  I am sure I will be seeking you out again in the coming weeks after I purchase a NEW JGAurora. As my son said to me earlier, "You buy used unseen - you get what you get! and you got 'got' " lol

    Thanks again.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
    You're welcome - I think it is the best pathway forwards. Let me know before you buy and I can try to help you get the best deal. I use referral links, so when you purchase through my links, it supports me running this show, but from some stores I get coupons etc which may add additional discounts. Cheers! Sam
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