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FAQ: Getting Started & Troubleshooting

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JGAurora A5 & A3S: Getting Started & Troubleshooting

Wondering what you need to do when your printer arrives?
Please see the New Owner Guide

Having problems with your printer?
Please check FAQ for common problems and solutions.

Essential A5 bed adhesion tips here

For info on where to buy spare parts, please see this page

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    General JGAurora Troubleshooting

    1. Check your cables are all FIRMLY pushed in! This is the cause of many many problems! Examine the connector plugs also, check that no wires are loose or coming out of the connectors.
    2. Check that you have tuned your stepper drivers.
    3. Download the free software Pronterface (AKA Printrun). With this software, you can connect to your printer from a computer, using a USB cable, and even print gcode files over the cable. This software will show you the raw log out of the printer, which is where any major errors are reported. You can then search the error you see in google, or ask on one of the JGAurora Support groups.
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