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Z movement is way off

y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member
not sure what happened to my printer.  When I print the calibration cube, the cube looks compressed on the Z axix..  It looks like the Z stepping motor is not moving the right distance.  I have not changed anything in the printer setting.  The Zstep is set to 800 steps/mm.  The Z rod does not seem to be binding.  I have only performed the bed leveling and adjusted the Z stop switch so the bed leveling screws are not scratching the frame. If I move the Z axis using the move axis in the printer menu, the Z rod rotates.


  • ZelZel Posts: 24Member
    check the ff:
    -coupler screws for z rod
    -check the x axis if squared to the gantry
    -clean z rod
    -calibrate z-axis. while doing so, calibrate XYZE since you're doing it.
    -clean extruded aluminum 
    -clean wheel bearing

    is it just one spot or the whole object is compressed?
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
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    Can you please post a photo of the print?
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  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 18Member
    It turned out the problem was caused by a loose pulley on the left X axis module.  The outer pulley can  be turned by hand.  I took it apart and tightened it as suggested in the Jgaurora magic video on Z axis adjustment. I post two photos, one before and one after the adjustment.
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