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Extruder #2 off set bed leveling issues

I got mine yesterday after the UPS guy dumped it behind a bush next to the house and didn't notify me that it was delivered. If I hadn't seen him driving off, it would still be there.
Anyway, assembly went fine although bed leveling is still giving me trouble. I watch the JG Maker video but it deals with an Artist Pro leveling, not a D so the it wasn't much help. Extruder #1 went okay but there is a HUGE offset on Extruder #2, like a quarter inch above the bed compared to #1. You can adjust the height of #2 a little by loosing the four screws in the back and turning a set screw but there isn't enough 'play' to compensate for what I am seeing. Maybe the firmware smooths it out somehow.
On the plus side, I was surprised how many extra nozzles I got, eight besides the two that are already loaded. They threw in two extra ribbons, one long, one short so that was nice.
I\m hoping that they send Cura the specs on this machine so Cura can provide a profile to load. Ya, you can enter some of the specs manually but there is no start or end G code which, may or may not be a problem.
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