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Can't seem to level glass bed

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I've had my JGMaker Magic for about a month now. I upgraded to the 4mm glass bed from the WIKI upgrades page and I just can't seem to get the bed level. I put it on, adjust the Z stop position, and no matter what I do 2 of the corners have to be completely tightened, sometimes to the point it starts to dig into the metal frame and the other 2 corners can be completely unscrewed and will either barely touch or not touch at all. It's completely frustrating and I don't know if its just the glass bed I recieved or something wrong with the printer itself. Can anyone offer any advice?

Edit: Nevermind lol I figured it out. I sanded down a little of the aluminum plate, redid all my screws and springs and replaced the nozzle as I realized the other one was pretty worn down. Totally level and back to printing finally!

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