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Filament change mid-print issue

I'm having an issue with my A5. When I go to change filament rolls mid print the hit end is crashing into my print. I've done this for years and now all of a sudden I'm having this bizzare behavior from the printer. I did a quick test a this is what I found happening. I printed a small cylinder (0.5" round by 2" tall) when it was about half way I hit the change fillament but and the hot end moved to the left, I swapped the fillament using the in and out buttons and then when I pressed resume the hot end moved to the position that it should start printing but instead moved the z axis done 5mm - 10mm which of course crashed into the cylinder. Then it tried to print for 5 seconds or so (by then it was to late the damage to the model was done) and after that the z axis moved to where it should be and resumed printing normally. Does anyone know what's causing this? because I've already lost 2 multi-day prints because of this issue. I'm running the updated firmware with mesh leveling enabled.

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