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C4D VolumeBuilder/Mesher Characters straight into STL and great results with brand-new JG AURORA A5

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Hi community! Some three weeks ago i ordered my first 3D printer ever. I read the reviews, looked at the price/quality and it took no more than 5 days until i was able to test it. My curiosity was triggered by the new feature in Cinema 4D R20 , called Volume Builder/Volume Mesher, that allows modelling in voxel technology . I was wondering if the result could be translated to .STL for 3D print. The result is amazing. It prints very well and with a bit of handpainting and tweaking some settings to prevent oozing the characters turn out to a very personal style, that turn out to be nice subjects to improve your printing skills.    So I'll be starting a series of these very affordable characters. In fact I already uploaded some to Turbosquid. (were i am a newbie too :) )  Anyhow , take  look at Turbosquid.com and look for artist POWETRI. 


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