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Screen changes to extruding menu and becomes unresponsive

After completing a 12 hour print, I set it up for another print job but noticed that after the print, the screen had changed to the extruding menu screen and was unresponsive to touch. I could see the extruded temperature dropping but that was the only movement. When I rebooted, the main menu appeared for a split second and then immediately go to extruding menu screen and remain unresponsive. I don’t know if this means anything or not but if I kept my finger on the screen when rebooting, the main screen remained until I took my finger off. 

I contacted JG Aurora and they had me remove the PVC board on the front saying that air traps in there and can affect things. No fix there and now I need to reorder a new PVC board as this one is ruined. 

Next, they had me check the cables inside but that didn’t seem to be the issue either. On my account, I even reinstalled the firmware. No changes.

This is my first printer and I am not very electronically  savvy. Although, I must say that I am getting to know my way around by fixing the many issues I have had and even installed TL-smoothers. 

Does anyone one have an idea of what the problem is??


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
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    Welcome @ChantalV
    Sounds like a dodgy touch panel on the MKS LCD module. On the A5, the main motherboard and LCD module are two separate devices that operate quite independently, but communicate to each other. Have you tried updating the LCD module firmware? Otherwise I would suggest trying to replace that module.
    Shame to hear that the PVC sticker was damaged. Sometimes it can stick or put pressure on the screen, causing false touches. When that happens, it can be a good idea to cut out a window for the LCD to avoid having an extra layer of film in the way.
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  • cs2000cs2000 Posts: 56🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Just with regards to the thick plastic sticker on the front. Just forget about it. Peel it off and chuck it in the bin. It makes the screen feel so much more responsive and other than acting as a "screen protector" it serves no other purpose.

    Id try what Sam said, try to flash the LCD firmware (this is different than flashing the Marlin firmware to the main board) and see if the issue goes away, if not, it does sound like a faulty TFT/touch sensor board.
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  • ChantalVChantalV Posts: 2Member
    If I did up replacing it as it was faulty. Just received my new TFT28 v4 today. All is responding nicely now. Tech support sent me a new PVC board too.  just have to make some changes to the firmware now.  
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