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Layer shifting A5s


I recently replaced my Bowden tube, and noticed a better flow because the old one had a kink in it. But while doing so I removed the front face plate. Ever since I have done this I have layer shifting, I watched the printer and it’s not the nozzle knocking into the print... if someone has any guesses I would appreciate it greatly! 


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    My bed heater cable was catching on the power supply inside, check yours to see, while printing , use flashlight to look inside.....

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    Is the nozzle running errant off the print and then going back?  Can you print through pronterface?  My board had print and USB issues and would blindly send the head off into the side metal.  Or it would stop and move the bed back and forth.  It would then go back, shifted and looking like your picture for the side to side issue.  With the additional USB connectivity issues - card issues, couldn't connect through pronterface... , I became deeply frustrated trying to diagnose- the old A5S mainboard finally went into the trash.
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