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Can't flash LCD with custom firmware?

Jari ChristophersonJari Christopherson Posts: 11Active Member
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Hey all, I've been using this printer for a while and, well...I've had to replace my mainboard because of a short. In the process of replacing it, I accidentally broke a pin off of the LCD, so...not wanting to risk shorting something else, I bought a new LCD module, the same model that was on mine - TFT28, V3.0. they sent me a 4.0 rather than the 3.0 that was advertised.

so I installed it, everything worked fine, except I followed the instructions to flash the LCD firmware and...it doesn't seem to be updating? I mean it boots normally, as if the SD card wasn't there. I thought, maybe it updated and I just didn't notice, except...it said the files would be renamed after updating so it wouldn't flash again, and they weren't renamed.

I have more info that could explain the problem, but I don't know for sure. first, I don't have an SD card reader on my PC. That said, I have a phone, and a microSD card converter, so I basically used my PC to transfer the files to my phone's (formatted) MicroSD card, then put the microSD card into the converter and then put it inside the LCD and followed the instructions.
Is it not working because transferring files to my phone creates an empty android folder? is it because of the SD card converter? is it because the TFT28 V4.0 operates differently than the one in the tutorial? can I still use the LCD without updating the firmware?

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help a noobie out

Edit: heck, just realized I was in modifications and upgrades and not troubleshooting. sorry about that
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  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 146🌟 Super Member 🌟
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    there are old entries talking about problems between older community firmware and the 4.0, that would suggest it can at least be installed.

    You should check the file system of your sd card, FAT32 should be fine, I dont think exFAT or NTF are supported. 
    Also check if the .bin file as well as the directory are in the root directory of your card.
    What else is on ther should not matter I think.

    You will probably need an sd card reader for that, but a <10$ model should suffice^^

    PS: Some phones generate multiple partitions on sdcards, that could theoretically also be a problem.

    PPS: Can you access the content of the sd card in your printer? (switch to sd card in the settings, hit print and see if there is your android folder)
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  • Jari ChristophersonJari Christopherson Posts: 11Active Member
    I ended up buying an SD card reader, and turns out it wasn't in FAT32, so I formatted and put it in and it finally updated! thanks Prokktor!
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