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PT100 Upgrade

Der_MuckDer_Muck Posts: 265🌟 Super Member 🌟
Hey everyone,

I will install the PT100 in the next days and change to the all metal hotend system with 65W and the E3D copper hotend.

How I have to install the PT100 is clear but one question I still have.
Do I have to use the M303 PID autotune in the end? And set the new Kp Ki Kd in the firmware?
Or is it enough to just install the PT100 and change the PIN position and enable the PT100 in the firmware?

Have a nice day,


  • RaztoufRaztouf Posts: 1Member
    Hello, Bonjour à tous,

    Excuse me for my english (thanks google translate)

    I am very interested in this change too.

    I have not yet deepened the subject but it will be necessary to insert a PT100 amplifier and enter the signal on an analog pin.
    A beginning of explanation is given here at the bottom of the page.

    No time to make this change, but the PT10O brings more precision and a larger measurement range.

  • Der_MuckDer_Muck Posts: 265🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Just finished my change to the PT100 (yes amp is needed) with a cupper heatblock, a 65W heater and a all metal throat.

    I must say it was much work but ohhhh boy, even with the cupper heatblock, my JG now only needs 50sek to reach 200°C and the first PETG retraction test print.... Absolutely no stringing at 3mm retract. I never got such a result with the standard setup of my JG and I printed that test very very often.   
    If you want to be able to print high quality, high temp. filaments, spend some money and have much time to spend, go and change to the E3D combination as i did, its like a change in the upper class for the printer!

    @Raztouf I dont know if a change only to the PT100 will have much effect. Yes its more precise but ment for higher temps.   Change to a E3D headblock with the PT100 and a 40W heater will give you very good results to.  They also have a 30W high precision heater.

    Back to my question, its nessesary after changing the elements to run M303 PID autotune. It gives Kp Ki Kd valves which are need to add in the firmware.

    Before all that, ofcause a change to the PT100 is need in the firmware (heat sensor type change to 20) than a change in the max. temp. and a change for the AUX pin where the PT100 is mount (I used AUX Pin 3 for that)

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