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Just got my A5S, and can't get it working.

After failing to get the bed leveled to my satisfaction I watched a video that said I should preheat the bed to do a proper level. So I went to the temperature menu and it just flashes "EXTU1 Sensor Error". Should I pack this up and ship it back to Amazon, or is this an easy fix?


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    Check your power connectors. I had the same issue, after triple checking my wires, I realized that one wire was the wrong way. After I made sure the power connectors on the side of the printer was connected properly, I restarted the printer and it worked fine after that. 
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    Checked and quadruple checked, everything is seated properly as best I can tell, no obvious damage to anything either.
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    It could also be a loose connector inside - you could email JGAurora for help (support@zgew3d.com). I expect if you mention that you are about to return it back to Amazon you will get very prompt help.

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    Thank you, I will do just that.
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