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A5S Won't heat bed

Hey guys. I just purchased my first printer, and got an A5S. I setup the printer following the exact instructions provided on the SD card. Everything seems to function ok independently, but whenever I try to print, the LCD moves to the printing screen, and the bed temperature never moves. It shows 31/0 on the screen, with the 31 fluctuating (I'm assuming this is the current bed temperature, aka, ambient?). The nozzle gets to 200 and can extrude filament, but the bed never heats.

I'm assuming that the printer won't begin printing until the bed reaches temperature, and since the bed isn't heating, it never reaches temperature. I would assume that if there was some disconnect in the wiring etc, the bed temperature would show 30/50 and would never move. However, since it's not showing anything over 31/0, I'm assuming that the file isn't instructing the printer to heat the bed properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • rmize01rmize01 Posts: 3Member
    Here is a video of trying to print a file. Please help!!
  • rmize01rmize01 Posts: 3Member
    Well, I feel like an idiot.....I had no clue that whenever pre-heating the extruder, I would need to click on "extruder" to toggle it to "bed" and adjust that heat as well. Looks like this was clearly an inexperienced-operator error!
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    Welcome @rmize01
    The nozzle and bed will both heat automatically. The nozzle will heat first, and when the printer thinks the nozzle has stabilised it will start to heat the bed. Then, when the bed temp is reached and stabilises, the print should start.

    If there's an error with any of this, you can see that error by connecting the printer to pronterface or a similar app to monitor things.
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