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A5S Nozzle print head cleaning

Hello I am trying to clean the print head on my A5S doing a "cold pull" as you illustrated. Do you know how do disassemble the Bowden tube from the print head? It has some sort of a chrome plated spring loaded collar. I have tried pushing down on the collar but the tube won't release. I haven't removed the filament yet so I suspect that could be part of the issue. Thank you. Adrian Pinedo


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,997Administrator
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    Welcome @Adrian Pinedo !
    You will need to pull out the filament first, but it sounds like you have the right method though.  Holding down the ring should allow you to pull out the tube. There are little teeth in the bowden connectory that dig into the tube, so if it won't release, try pushing it down a little first and then pull up.

    There are other tools that can be useful for cleaning too, like acupuncture needles. https://sampin.ch/cleaningkit

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    Some of the higher-pitched guitar strings will fit 0.4mm too.
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