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How to add Driver cooler / Board cooler for TMC 2208

I'm planning on getting two TMC 2208's to quieten my JGaurora A5, and every guide I see says to add a fan for active cooling, but i can't find anywhere that says how to do it. There are no extra plugs on the board to add one, I've heard some people say to plug it into the hotend slot but again, there's no guide. Can anyone link me a video, an article or explain how to add a fan to the board


  • GandyGandy Posts: 89🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I don't have a link at hand right now, but you may want to consider going for the new 2209 instead of the 2208. Apparently they have better thermal management and you may get away without a cooking fan. 
    That said, there are one or two pages in the wiki showing how to silence the fans where you might find some pictures on how and where to connect a fan to you mainboard.
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