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    I drew up a couple of spacers to use the posts on the rear of the face panel and provide holes to mount the new screen.

    The new screen mounts to the outer holes with M3x6mm screws and the bracket mounts to the existing posts on the face panel with M3x10mm screws. There are a couple of solder points on the new screen that interfere against the bracket, so I trimmed them flat with flush cutters. The 10mm screws are right against the edge of the PCB and their heads will end up clamping the edge of the board, so don't tighten them more necessary.

    The 5p cable supplied with the TFT is quite short. I was able to get it plugged in, just barely. Will get a longer one eventually.
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    Just a quick update. I wandered away from my A5S Hybrid project for a bit. In part because I bought another printer (Diggro Alpha-3). But I have been tinkering with the A5S again for the last couple of weeks and wanted to share the progress and new challenges.

    I had to give up on the IR proximity sensor for leveling. The results were simply unreliable. Yes, it works. No, it is not consistent. Maybe it's because the bed is glass. Maybe it's because of the texture. Every time it "zeroed" the Z axis I would have to use babystepping to adjust it. At its worst it could be as much as 0.8mm off. So the IR sensor is gone and I fitted a BL Touch. I made that conversion harder than it should have been by jumping from pre-release Marlin 2, to current v2.0.5 in the same teardown.

    Made a clean little mount for the BL Touch, compact enough that it will clear the edge of the tower at max Z height. STL is at the bottom of this post.

    There are still some glitches in Marlin 2, specifically in the areas of Z_SAFE_HOMING. This mount results in a probe/nozzle Y offset of -31, so Z_SAFE_HOMING is required. Until ZSH glitch is fixed, you're better off with a probe mount that has positive X & Y offsets only.

    With UBL working, I've been printing some larger items and now started seeing under extrusion due to grinding. Will start with freeing the Bowden tube from the wiring bundle. Will try different tubing if necessary. But for science, maybe I will try a different spool of filament first. After all, all of the grinding related failures have been while using the same spool. It had no issues when first I opened it, but I was bad and did not store it properly. It has been sitting on the spool holder for a couple of months.

    Last part of the update is that I've gone back to the RepRap display controller for now. Much easier to fiddle with settings that way.
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    Now we're cookin'!

    Chased the last few gremlins out of the recent changes.

    Extruder grinding turned out to be specific to one spool of filament. I ended up replacing the Bowden tube anyway, as it definitely had more resistance than the TECBOSS (Capricorn wannabe) tubing I had available. Also left it out of the harness sleeve to keep the bends more gentle. I do have it (loosely) tie-wrapped to the sleeve in a few spots.

    The end-stop overrun I was blaming on Marlin 2.x.x was my own doing. Finally noticed that the reported X & Y values were out of whack compared to nozzle position. Found I had defined some values that were for a different purpose that I had thought. With that fixed, everything seems to be working smoothly.

    I printed a grommet for the top frame (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2849354) which was fun. It just barely fits on the A5S bed diagonally. Really underscored why I took on this repair/retrofit project. I have a BIG delta (Anycubic Predator) and that grommet won't fit on its bed.

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    Obligatory baby Yoda and a Minion (broke his leg while removing supports, but can repair).

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    Hi Earthbound,

    Any progress on your side?

    I'm in head to migrate my (old) JGAurora A5 with BTT SK2 V2.0, BTT TFT35 V3.0, BLTouch V3.1.

    All running under MArlin Bugfix 2.0.x

    Any help would be mutch appeciated.

    Best regards,

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